Double eleven who’s trademark whose section

when the electricity supplier bigwigs in the "double eleven big promotion busy be in full swing, a paper ban to other electricity providers besides Tmall dumb fire. Beijing Daily reporter learned yesterday, due to the "double eleven", "double 11 Carnival" and other words have been registered as a trademark of Alibaba, Jingdong, and other war slobber up electricity supplier and Alibaba, Jingdong TV ads under the frame, make the whole event more full of gunpowder. Although the parties are denied that the trademark war ignited, but in the industry view, this war is not accidental. In the trademark war behind the concept of promotion and marketing is weakening and strengthening of the sixth "double eleven" out of the ordinary, next year’s "double eleven" of the change.


from mid October onwards, micro-blog business enterprise and WeChat public began to "double eleven" as the theme of marketing planning, in addition to the Tmall brand shop, including Jingdong, and other independent business platform. The Jingdong to more than 6· 18 anniversary promotion, hope that the "double eleven" into the largest flow peak this year. However, yesterday morning, the official micro-blog issued a notice letter picture, dig a real crazy pass more than ten hours of rumors, double eleven trademark has been registered Alibaba.

Beijing Business Daily reporter found in the official website of China Trademark network, double eleven trademark registration number is 10136420, 10136470. Double 11 Carnival trademark name has also been registered Alibaba, which is regarded as a strategic means of defense industry.

IT famous lawyer to Beijing Daily reporter Zhao Zhanling said the Alibaba registered the "double eleven" trademark in thirty-fifth categories, including the main categories for the display of goods, retail destination on communication media advertising, business information, and the Alibaba has obtained the exclusive right to use a trademark, other electricity supplier website using the trademark infringement facing risk, released the electricity supplier the website advertising media, there is a similar risk.

trademark information display, Alibaba registered trademark contains "double eleven", "double eleven online shopping Carnival", "double 11 Carnival"; the Jingdong for Jingdong "double eleven" trademark, and passed the examination.


in the trademark war behind Tmall and Jingdong is tit for tat. A Alibaba insiders believe that Ali is a registered trademark in 2011, had also did not stop the friends using the logo, the letter is mainly because the Jingdong use inappropriate words in the promotion process, the Jingdong’s ads off the air, but also because the content does not comply with the relevant legal requirements. Tmall is still in micro-blog, said, I hope all of the electricity supplier and the store together to participate in a good service to consumers, to help a good seller, and jointly safeguard the interests of consumers and the ‘double eleven’ brand".

Alibaba offensive, the first to bear the brunt of the Jingdong, was scheduled to be held yesterday, the double eleven media communication will be temporarily canceled, the dissemination of the text is also an emergency modification. North.

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