Where the customer worries wolf brand damage free shipping threshold

after the revision of the website where the customer is filled with a large number of foreign brands. Where the official website screenshot

where the customer has changed, is no longer the original recipe, is no longer the familiar taste. Free shipping threshold increase, the website also become unrecognizable, where the customer’s own brand and foreign brand third party together, and the street office, where the customer holding the box where the deliveryman is less. Often where customers are shopping 30 million Internet users can not help but wonder: what we really happened? I love every guest will come back again? We really want to go


– where the vision

foreign brands occupy the guest website

recently, where the low-key revision. After the revision of the guest page mainly consists of three parts: the central product classification box, advertising picture switch, right is the product display page. The layout for Tmall and more and more like, so that many users have Tucao said every guest to change all the cat.

careful observation, large advertising position in the middle part of the page where the switch to the most eye-catching "guirenniao" and other foreign brands, click in, made a special guest topic page to guirenniao flagship store, display and sell guirenniao men and women T-shirts, shoes, and even guirenniao " " and " brand story; " technology products; display, solemned guirenniao opened in every guest’s official website.


home page advertising switch box is, 7 ad, 3 where the customer is outside the third party brand. In the category division, nor to where the customer’s own brand, but in a unified category, the brand where customers and third party brands are put together, the two platform has been basically open.

The right column shows the

, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Giordano, Tonlion, Jie Lu, Semir, Han Douyi and bear many unknown foreign brand third party.

Where the customer was

due to show those foreign brands, while the independent brand is very low-key, in the home page display is not marked, so that consumers feel confused. "I came to where the customer is loyal to where the customer’s own brand of clothing, guirenniao those brands have no demand, but we always hung home a pile of foreign brands, I can not find where the customer’s own brand, young Wang Luodan, the fast fashion endorsement of Han Han seems to have not for many years where we used the brand." a number of customers, with more than 4 years old users uncomfortable.

free shipping threshold raised

A bunch of VT in every guest on

(where customers buy used summer T-shirt) Zhu Zhu, a few days ago on where customers around, see where a lot of T-shirt 9 yuan, 19 yuan, 29 yuan price, very cheap, we bought 5 pieces, the total amount of 105 yuan.

but at the end of the day, she found that the free shipping threshold where the customer has been increased to 158>

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