Micro business drainage by adding powder artifact ten thousand per hour to send friends to apply

everyone in the circle of friends have a mask to sell." A large number of well-known brands, wild times derivative extensive growth does not end, but with increased attention intensified. Beijing Daily reporter takes a month, the survey found that the micro business marketing frequent pattern, poor, and even challenge the bottom line of the law. Beijing Chinese commercial news series launched a series of reports, the secret secrets of unknown micro business.

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo, Xiao Peng) every time after the subway ride to the transfer station, WeChat near the people can always receive the function to make a friend it, the picture is beautiful. Full of joy to add friends after the discovery, the original is still micro business. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters learned from the micro business group, which is not artificial behavior, but the use of a number of black technology".

2015 is the micro business year, but with the "manual plus friends" so the old-fashioned way? Micro providers should use scientific and technological means, through the internet intelligent e-commerce system to build professional micro business platform. Premier Li Keqiang said, we should vigorously develop the Internet plus! "Derivative" Lili "out of many professional terms, micro business people uninformed have nodded.

then, "Lili" sent a web link, contains a segment of the video and advertising, advertising on the crown of "CCTV" and the name of Tang Jun. Misinterpretation of national policies, fake celebrities and the media to support their own business is a common means of micro business. However, according to Lili introduction, this so-called powder artifact is indeed some skills.

"the first thing you need is a smart mobile phone jailbreak, install the" powder artifact ", you can navigate to any location, one subway flow station is preferred; after positioning, the software will automatically send dating application, every hour can send thousands of friends to fill up; don’t worry, we also provide the upgrade service, a mobile phone can be provided with a plurality of WeChat. You know, it is the era of fans economy, who mastered the user who mastered the market." Lili said.

"add powder artifact" prices in the tens of dollars to a thousand dollars, the industry pointed out that the removal of liars, this technique is possible, and automatically send text messages to neighboring users "pseudo base station" principle is similar, this function is commonly used in fraud, illegal behavior. Relevant departments have been actively investigated, but because of its strong liquidity, the investigation is very difficult. We must strengthen the management from the source, strengthen the research and application of new technology, and strengthen the prevention from the technology.

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