Google launched a hummingbird algorithm the ultimate search experience



I fell in love with the sea search "what kind of hairstyle, hair can not be in the first page of the quiz is the information on the natural love of Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar know love, then there is soso quiz site, you can try the search for other types of sentences, is not the first page ranking the most is the answer? According to the search results, the user experience how? Personal feeling ranking information is too simple, there are a lot of questions and answers content quality is not high, if you are choosing Q & a type of site, so other types of station did not participate in the ranking of the opportunity, for example, forum information portal site. These sites will have on such questions, but this year the love of Shanghai is also a big effort to enhance the user search experience, search for similar problems can quickly get the authority to answer, for example: Search "who" is Robin Li’s wife, then love Shanghai will give a correct answer. And there is a small picture, this experience is indeed very good, but this adjustment algorithm if only for some celebrities, in other words does not seem to play a role.

love Shanghai has not yet introduced the relevant algorithm similar to the Google hummingbird algorithm, but I believe it is just a matter of time, love the sea will launch a similar function algorithm sooner or later, a Google hummingbird algorithm is the biggest bright spot to make search more intelligent. The search engine has been to encourage users to use a similar rhythm and vocabulary, for example: when a user wants to search for slimming tea in Shanghai love, love Shanghai certainly want users to search like "slimming tea", "weight reducing tea" and other specific keywords, and more and more ordinary users are accustomed to search "what kind of tea is good" and "energy-saving" and other phrases or sentences. The search engine has not to change the user search habits, only to guide users, for ordinary users, certainly hope that the search engine can be more intelligent, and can provide better search results, the hummingbird seems to break the conventional algorithm, makes the user feel more humanized. Is a user oriented embodiment, whether it is love or Shanghai Google, always have to.

September 27, 2013, is Google’s 15th anniversary birthday, the Google also launched a new algorithm: hummingbird algorithm, the algorithm is called "Google update algorithm of the largest in three years". What is the hummingbird algorithm? Is simply, according to the complex search requests to provide better answers, cite a simple example: we search "what kind of a good way to lose weight to fall in love with the sea?" usually many ordinary net would have to search, this time the search keyword is used in phrases or sentences. According to the principle of love Shanghai word, will put this sentence into several words, and then through the complex calculation to display the results, but the search engine for this keyword to deal with more trouble, thus giving the search results may not be ideal, as shown below: look at these words of love Shanghai display search results analysis of the user search experience how.

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