Keywords difference between upper and lowercase letters containing the English

you see, I love Shanghai in search LED is used, the relevant search words appear all lowercase, so you can think of this as the main reference. The same method is also applicable to our Shanghai dragon industry. As can be seen from the figure, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon people search lowercase is greater than the human capital of Shanghai dragon search.

I declare that the above two maps for a website on my data, two pictures of the data collection is only 10 minutes. Why are there two different results, mainly because I before the website title and keywords in LED are all upper case, I found that the capital will have problems yesterday, so the station immediately put all uppercase LED into lowercase led. But when I changed to lowercase, and then query a webmaster tools, capital LED advertising vehicle, LED mobile advertising vehicle, LED advertising vehicle are ranked, and changed to lowercase, Shanghai love all the words actually have no ranking, this is why? A case will such a big difference? Believe it or not, the difference is so big. In fact, this is a user search habits analysis. Because the LED car search advertising people are generally not very proficient in computer, so they will always be in the input when to switch the input method, rather than directly to click on the keyboard Caps Look the switch sensitive keys. So I concluded that peer LED search advertising car of many people, but the real user led search advertising car of many people, this is I want to capitalize all my LED site has been converted into a small led.


in this figure (LED) for small


so a keyword sensitive may affect our keyword ranking. >

people say the details determine success or failure, Shanghai dragon as it should be, but now has deep experience. A small detail is not good, may be very large to Shanghai dragon you. Say that you might feel alarmist, but if you look at the following after, maybe you will change your mind.




do not know how many words there are English abbreviations in the website, but you have not thought about this keyword is to use uppercase abbreviation English good, or lowercase? This may not be what people pay attention to, don’t look all the same, there was a big article, in order to be more vivid that, please see the following two picture:


in this figure (LED) for capital

told you a secret, you determine the keyword is uppercase or lowercase, only one tool can be seen, that is love and love Shanghai Shanghai search drop-down box, this also verified this conclusion I:

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