Website optimization how to correctly collect content

, in short, in the site collection >

finally, make the appropriate adjustments to the content. Tried the content acquisition to their web site, careful people will find a direct copy of the content, there are some smart format, because the original in order to prevent the content from being collected, usually to increase the contents of some hidden annotation format, even in the picture of the ALT information will be copyright. If you haven’t noticed, the search engine will naturally be considered plagiarism, then the harm to the website is self-evident. Therefore, the collected content must clear format, and punctuation of English format conversion, in addition, you can add some pictures to the content, the content is more rich, if the content itself has a picture, then do not directly copy, also save the best re uploaded to the site, add their own ALT information, can let the collection content more optimization value.

collection content?

however, the search engine that collection content is not much significance for the website, especially for the optimization function, even collection content will be as garbage information processing, causing the site’s burden, in fact, even if the acquisition of the contents of the website will have a certain risk, but as long as the acquisition is reasonable, it still has some usefulness, at the same time to reduce the original owners and the optimization effect is worrying, the same. So, how to correctly use the

second, collection content does not collect the title. As we all know, see the article is the first to look at the title, for the website optimization of search engine, the title also has a certain weight. The acquisition of the contents of a certain length, do not change too much, but the title is just a few words, it is still relatively easy to modify, it is necessary to modify the title, the title will be changed completely and the best is not the same with the original title, the reason is very simple, when you see the title as the substance completely different articles, will give readers some misunderstanding, that both the same content, on the contrary, even if the content is the same, the title is completely different, will give people a fresh feeling, is not easy to be found.

in the website optimization circle, webmaster know, search engine original content, but the best Shanghai dragon Er face long-term original content has certain difficulties, not only limited resources and writing ability are limited, therefore, the entire site includes various sections of content, can not avoid the acquisition.

first, pay attention to collecting the content object. It is best to find someone just released soon as the content acquisition target, without being before too many people reproduced collected, but the content is the premise and the times, fresh and representative, and not some topic a commonplace talk of an old scholar to the user, or taste the same, wax, worthless. Because the content is collecting, compared to the original, nature is much simpler, also do not need to spend too much time to edit the contents, then don’t save time idle, after all, there is no original content acquisition effect is more direct, so it is necessary to find a few articles at the same time acquisition, to compensate for the spider empty.

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