How to search outside encounter the enemy

In this paper, by pushing the

suggests that "love Shanghai security alliance remind you: this page may have been illegally tampered with

these suggestions can offer reference for the regular website, illegal websites or web edge ball did not actually what method can completely solve the method can completely solve the "hand".


2. will be the site of the problem completely solved, the appeal of the website can be submitted through the website, the website security alliance website free page (address: 贵族宝贝, according to the prompt did almost the same.

if the site suffered risk tips how to do? The last small to give you some advice:


3. website will appear in order to avoid risk warning, push benefit suggestions can occasionally in stationmaster net love Shanghai Webmaster Platform or Webmaster Platform Security Alliance (贵族宝贝 for examination of the website, citing doctors often say "early discovery, early treatment".

1. first need to determine your own website is due to what the cause of the problem, in general, if the site is being hacked so there is such a phenomenon, so that it is the serious security vulnerabilities of their site appeared. The security vulnerabilities at this time to timely repair, repair loopholes, such as killing the trojans. Query by Webmaster Platform love love Shanghai, Shanghai website will tell you what happened, but also repair the proposal, the proposal of Shanghai to repair with love.

November 25th, the usual love Shanghai search "search", but found the accident found outside the prompt risk. Search homepage, forum, information page was also suggested, as a large industry search outside what is

Hui station network ( published original, reproduced please keep.


!" I query the "


through love Shanghai backstage website security detection; www. why贵族宝贝", Shanghai dragon; love Shanghai showed for the site was linked to horse.

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