Learning to master Shanghai Dragon a correct understanding of the impact site structure of Shanghai

is currently doing optimization of Shanghai Longfeng circle, known as the View >

, the influence of DIV+CSS on Shanghai Longfeng optimization


three series, web directory on site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

general search engine will be in favor of static pages, the stable and high reliability, and dynamic pages is easy to search engine that is extremely not sure of the website. More often, static web pages also help content crawl, and showing the effect of changes due to the dynamic, often are not conducive to the site included. But the static web page also has the disadvantages, such as the number of documents generated file is quite large, the required storage space will be gradually expanded, page maintenance is difficult, operability is weak, this situation for our Shanghai dragon optimization work is negative. The dynamic web page clearly has the advantage, backward step operation, at the same time the page less storage space. In view of the integrated advantages of these two kinds of state of disadvantage, in order to facilitate the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, improve the site’s search rankings and included, most owners will choose a processing method and the "pseudo static dynamic, thus contribute to the website content included at the same time can be well maintained this web page is clearly in favor of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


Optimization of

recently suddenly want to re understand the things of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to learn everything about Shanghai Longfeng optimization so with some optimization of Shanghai Dragon Master ask about Shanghai Longfeng content, from the construction site of the chain to the station layout to the search engine friendly degree, then the web content collection and search the influence of the rankings. Let me come to understand the effects of optimization principle and the role of Shanghai dragon website ranking is mainly reflected in where, how do the site structure for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, how the chain is outside the chain of high quality. What website structure of Shanghai dragon which affect the main optimization, and from what is the impact site included rankings, below I summarize some master once told me about the view. The website structure of Shanghai Longfeng optimization mainly lies in the DIV+CSS architecture, the static and dynamic web directory series and page size have impact on the Shanghai dragon.

two, Shanghai dragon website "dynamic and static largely

DIV+CSS is one of the commonly used terms in the web standard, XHTML website design standard by DIV+CSS because of this website design DIV+CSS programming language has a very important influence on the optimization of Shanghai dragon, because of its simple structure, conforms to the standard, the use of DIV+CSS architecture network station is generally by the search engines love. But it is good not all DIV+CSS of the site’s ranking, the correct page layout for Shanghai dragon is very favorable. For the XHTML standard DIV+CSS layout, general design completion requires verification by W3C.

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