Noble baby search results from the same domain name page 7 results more

is only 20% and not all the results are so, look nobility baby is using new format: whether the child links should appear in the main link below, for example: 1) PC Tools is a brand of 2) have related links below the first row main links will not (each link is all about this brand of 3) when searching for krill, the first row is Wikipedia, a result display is 7.

nobility baby to the traditional 10 search results display 7, and each page all the probability of the same domain becomes large.

The following


It seems that

(domain name) occupy more positions in a page:

Moz Dr. Peter today Shanghai dragon Meyers Shanghai dragon Moz new Mozcast noble baby "turbulance" prediction tools to analyze the keyword ranking. He probably analyzed one thousand groups of queries, tens of thousands of links.

Buddhu WebmasterWorld with a forum member in the forum last week to discuss something similar:

main link sub link:

The same site


7 blue links:

do not know how many brands / general nouns belong to this category, but if you search for the object is a complete domain name / brand / company name, such as "Microsoft" and "Apple", a sub link below, the main link will be completely (sub links are compared with the main links related, which will show the brand name, but sometimes not), but only 7 search results.


Here we enter

Lei Feng website leiphone, shows the results of only 7; another example, search of foreign eBay is 7:



about only 7 search results:



editor’s note: the author search engine website editor of searchengineland Danny Sullivan.

when I updated my Post 25 Things I Hate last year Abou>

"according to data from Mozcast, one thousand groups of query results, of which 20% of the search results are displayed as 7 search results."

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