Lu Guofu let down the right site to become clouds

so that the space is not stable in the first point, the stability of visual space is very important. Many novice in the early days of the site in order to save the cost of using cheap space, the website is slightly better, with the space is not stable, or slow site access, or directly to the site open, this site is done for everyone is not love. I help a friend factor optimization site www.iphone010贵族宝贝 is in such a space is not stable, just a few days the site space often can’t open phenomenon, resulting in directly to the site to be plucked, I early have done a good job with the site space has been stabilized, the site after three or four days, all included back, we can see a screenshot:



1, due to the unstable

if a web content high repetition, > here

recently, many sites have appeared by K home page, more serious is directly pulled hair, often see Shanghai Longfeng exchange group has the friend to be K talking about his own website, it really is a pity, so hard to do for a long time the site, suddenly let you start from 0. To say that we really love the sea was cheating on the K, it is excusable. But we always behave site is love Shanghai to K, it is really awful. Wuhan Shanghai dragon two site is love Shanghai to K a few days, suddenly came back, and found the ranking than the first to be good, love Shanghai really will give people a surprise. As you said, love Shanghai is playing the heartbeat, so we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the attitude is not good advice bypass. Said so much, so, solution today Wuhan Shanghai dragon to talk to the site down the right, want to know why will drop right first will have to be solved, is the so-called "enemy battle", due to what causes our website drop right

2, keyword stuffing down the right

many friends know keyword density can improve the site keywords ranking (but not the website keyword density high, ranking will be good), so a lot of friends in the establishment of the time, in many places to insert a lot of keywords, causing the site keyword density is too high, resulting in the site was K. we do Shanghai dragon friends, sometimes found in some areas of Shanghai dragon friends may be in order to test directly, increasing the number of words in the title and description, the short term ranking is good, but often time is not long, it was K. There may be a friend will say, why has the site keywords stack but was not K, but a good position, I can only say "red light car does not have to be caught, people who do bad things will not be found, if you want to own site long survive away from cheating.

site high repetition



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