The ultimate optimization need to do the station outside the station and synchronization and

website optimization, mainly for the inside and outside the station optimization and stood outside the chain optimization.


tag relatively has little effect, can write can not write. The description tag as shown in a tag search results to let the user know the site as a whole, I think don’t stack keywords in the description tag, as long as the general content of the site placed inside the inductive description tag line, and control the number of words on the line about 150 characters. Some words are piled up in the station to the description tag, description tag stack keywords actually not necessarily useful, but also a great reaction, no one will be sentenced for the website keyword stuffing. There are navigation optimization, I believe that everybody knows, the text try to use for navigation, do not use pictures, FLASH, JS code on the line. Maintain a neat and clean interface. Optimization methods of other aspects such as structure, within the chain, the content of the network of many articles on the subject, here I will not say.

station optimization refers to optimize the processing within the site, such as META tags, navigation, interface, structure and content within the chain, and so on a series of internal details. For example, the META tag usually contains three labels, tags, Keywords tag, description tag, as everyone knows, the title tag occupies the most important component in the station optimization, such as keywords you put into the title tag, can let the ranking of words to some improvement, but as long as the Shanghai dragon know knowledge know the title, not only is the site of the name card, is also set up Shanghai Longfeng optimization base.

repair station optimization skills

station optimization by external force

with the Shanghai dragon industry more and more low threshold, then the degree of competition is more and more big, so in such strong competition, how to make yourself from this need is talent shows itself? Calm and sensitive sense of smell and a series of perception. Like today I saw an article about selling radish article, many people do not know that through the construction of blog selling radish, but the thought of the people can earn pours. Besides, for the website optimization, website optimization, most of the blame on the station to update the content, send the chain, exchange of several Links simple steps, really just like this? If you look at some sites, you will find that its content is not updated, long-term the chain number is relatively small, but the ranking is very good, what’s the reason? So, website optimization appears to be simple, is actually learning time, can also be heavier weight, and only a good combination, is to play the maximum power. Today I talk about how to Neiwaijianxiu to do website optimization.

what is outside the station optimization? Station optimization is the chain. Although the outside chain is only a link, but it is very incisive. The success of the station outside the chain optimization from the construction of high quality, and a high quality.

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