n the face of frequent updates we love Shanghai should remain unchanged

sum up, I want to tell you is to abide by the occupation morals, as long as you do, the right to the optimization and promotion, so love is either Shanghai or any other search engines are not without reason K station, you have to remember: now to your every move is also responsible, so do Shanghai dragon website optimization. The ghost in the valley gate animation training 贵族宝贝guigumen贵族宝贝/ website optimization wind Ying explained, there is no >

first, we update the station. According to the own animation training website GUI door to explain in detail as an example, remember the February love Shanghai also made substantial adjustments, at that time the site died, causing the site to be K left home, in the self-study examination found that the original had website article content all from the system to collect or copy paste artificially simple, whether it is for the search engine or for our loyal users are meaningless, there is no novelty at all, then the author insists on the original update for more than a month, to start to write from the user angle, when the user accidentally found this article and read it after a certain harvest, this is our ultimate goal. Said so much, I want to say is not only for the optimization and optimization, not only to update the number of completed daily updates, to know the benefits of better update a meaningful article than to update several pieces of garbage article create more, don’t do some useless to chance of love Shanghai K station.


recently updated frequently love Shanghai, make the webmaster heavy-hearted, some people think that the love of Shanghai is mainly aimed at some sites collected articles were hit, some people think that the love of Shanghai in the chain included on the new algorithm, in fact the wind Ying would like to say is love Shanghai monthly update or is the annual update or week update, as long as you do not violate the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization of the mind, no cheating, love Shanghai is not looking for a bone in an egg "deny your website, not to say directly why K station.

the US site outside the chain. With the renewal of love Shanghai algorithm, before the chain platform is very good now included unsatisfactory, site outside the chain once in a bottleneck or a declining trend. The website chain is part of the Shanghai dragon optimization is very important, we all know some of the chain platform to everyone, even love Shanghai temporarily collected over time will be deleted, a good Shanghai dragon Er needs to do is to constantly find new high weight chain platform to win promotion, pre emptive more effective, and I also want to advocate for you not to send the chain casually send junk post, ask you whether it is so useful for website optimization or for website promotion is meaningless, if you simply think outside the chain is to send some text and then add links. So why don’t you just by posting machine to be happy.

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