Kiki let Shanghai dragon by strategizing flow in invisible

A5 demo, this "HTML code" series, A5 to take home.

webmaster should with a global view of the site, in order to strategizing, by flow in invisible.

1800 is the word search volume index "webmaster" love Shanghai.

shouted here to say, the final decision is reasonable traffic to the site keywords ranking. Do not just do the target keywords ranking, is the long tail word ranking.

A5 page and the article page to show



keyword ranking refers to: the competition for small words, we have web page of the article or topic to do the first; competition of words, we use the home page to do three.


Shanghai Longfeng thermal

We see

webmaster don’t target keywords look too heavy, I know many webmaster, don’t bother to do target keywords, but will focus on the long tail, their traffic is far greater than those at the top of the website. Wing SEM- neat (I feather disciple) believes that the webmaster should learn to be Kongming, can "control, by flow in invisible". Grasp the overall situation, the achievements of the website. This paper consists of a bar code printer 贵族宝贝xmbarcode贵族宝贝/, starting from the station network, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source when reproduced quality.

Reasonable layout of

A5 website to do is the target keywords, including the word "stationmaster" in third.

yesterday and the group of friends to discuss some bad sites, common words layout is bad, the number of articles is a lot of traffic is not to.

The following is the article page


according to the click map together some time ago the clever use of "Shanghai dragon Golden Triangle map keywords layout is no longer difficult" inside, there are about 10.25%*1800 IP flow into the A5 estimation, the total flow of this and A5 accounted for only a very small proportion.

Here we use the

love Shanghai index shows 600IP, the first A5 at least 400IP traffic, almost more than the A5 page of the "webmaster" word.


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