Shanghai dragon and auction on the enterprise network marketing whether can not have both fish and b


in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and bidding between the two, and not the fish and bear paw both problems, as long as the method of network marketing, Shanghai dragon optimization and bidding will be able to play a complementary role, the author will discuss how to make web site network marketing of the road becomes colorful

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: dragon to optimize the advantages of bidding and Shanghai complementary

for these two disadvantages, we can also go to Shanghai dragon optimization and PPC, because love Shanghai PPC have a rule, that is the key to develop their own higher ranking, then click the corresponding cost will be lower, so by your keywords optimization is not broken, get more high ranking at the same time, in the use of PPC, in a short period of time to occupy the site let love Shanghai home, so through the search engine marketing costs will be reduced.

and bidding disadvantage, naturally the cost is relatively high, but there is still a lot of false hits the problem, or the problem of low click conversion rate, this is because the set of keywords no skill to master, there is another reason that rival malicious click is also possible, so many business owners found that although the keyword of the website ranking is up, but can be converted into orders are few, but each month has continued to pay the cost, finally will terminate in a rage, promotion rank

this simple words, but if you do it, you need to pay attention to many details, there are a lot of persisting! And to make Shanghai Longfeng bidding optimization and complementary advantages, we must first understand the difference between the two disadvantages, so in the actual operation to avoid these disadvantages of

Shanghai Longfeng optimization disadvantage is the slow progress, optimize a keyword, often take months, even a year, of course, the overall cost for a company, not too much, but a long time did not see the benefits, many business owners would think of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not good, so it will terminate the Shanghai dragon optimization plan, which is often encountered in many enterprises in the network marketing problems

for most enterprise website, has realized the important role of network marketing, but have a sense, but the network marketing methods often can not achieve the desired purpose, sometimes spent a lot of money, but did not bring any orders to the site, or even a love Shanghai auction, Google bid has no effect of speech in fact, any network marketing method, if used properly, can bring unexpected benefits to the website now! The marketing method of network marketing business website search engine mainly has two kinds, one is the Shanghai dragon optimization, another is through keyword bidding, many business owners think, Shanghai dragon and optimization bidding, whichever one can, no need to spend money both! At this point, I think this idea is big Wrong!

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