Shanghai dragon operation process experience and user experience both spider

itself has some excellent technology, can pave the way to content around their own technology, to share their technology, skills and experience. Or do a technical training, sharing website is also good.

three, the long tail word choice, when using the above two select the content of the websites, basically not because of long tail keywords selection and screenwriters. This point will be found after practice. Of course, if you choose high quality long tail, or to use some selection techniques. For example related emergencies, or real-time hotspots, are more eye-catching, click rate will be higher.

said there are two, 1. in order to search engine optimization ranking, making a lot of garbage, so as to deceive the search engine. 2. in the station, some fonts suddenly become larger, smaller. The improper use of H1 tag to tell the search engine spiders, keywords key prominent station. But for users, these are not friendly to the user experience. How are we going to the rational use of Shanghai Dragon technology to do optimization, taking into account the spiders and user experience.

, a website or blog system selection; now do station program diversification, when we choose different CMS, to understand the corresponding optimization scheme, different CMS systems are different, when choosing a CMS program, need to pay attention to several places.

two, website content; the content of the website, we all know that content is king, the chain for the emperor. Then a station to focus on what to do, there are two options.

2. some friends will say, I am not skilled people, the direction of choice is also a content, choose their own interest, some of the content of love. I love flowers, you can do a website around the flowers. To share their own experiences, and learning content, better friends exchanges and flowers.

1. title sequence, is currently the best columns or articles in the website after title. 2. as far as possible the directory hierarchy of multi classification, flat. 3.URL static, or pseudo static, minimum.

five, do more than a few steps, then.

four, when a station to do, but also set up the relevant CMS program robots.txt file. This is a little different CMS program settings are not the same, we need to check in Shanghai will have to love. Robots.txt is a spider to the current site, the first access to files, which can tell the spider, which can not see. In addition to configure the robots.txt file properly, can increase the safety coefficient of some website.

1. if the

webmaster friends often say Shanghai Longfeng do better, will not be punished. In fact, Shanghai dragon just as much as possible with search engine rules. In fact, has been the pursuit, as is the search engine experience, rather than the user experience.

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