Analysis love Shanghai search website name or domain name of the page description of abnormal labels

to share with you today to simple and clear a lot, and this problem is completely avoid, as to how to avoid, how there will be such a problem and solution of Yang Zi from the following answers, I hope you will not make the same mistake again encountered such problems.

is for Yang Zi above similar problems encountered in 2015, was also written related articles were published. But today Yang Zi encountered this problem and case in 2015 and shared problems are different, the difference is that the problems encountered: 2015 website is a perfect site, has been operating for several years, at the same time to download the industry with high visibility and good reputation in the apple mobile phone assistant.

with technical colleagues will exclude the occurrence of the above problems, such as: the program whether the site is black, the attack, but also many times to the Shanghai official love feedback, each love Shanghai official to give the reply is basically not much difference.

in order to make a purchase payment mode through the audit, the sea the relevant technical departments in order to cope with the financial audit mode of payment, the domain name will hang another temporary test template in the mall, so the above.

but in some feedback, web page search results from time to time to return to normal, so Yang Zi and some senior industry more friends for this problem are discussed and ultimately did not get a better solution, but in the discussion that there are other sites appeared in a similar situation, but I do not know in the end what reason is also good and bad.

this situation for some new Adsense is certainly difficult to find the reason, at a loss what to do, for some layman is not confused.

The reason is because the pre


was the site through the love of Shanghai search website name or site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 domain name is not just some things out of order home description even web page title is not present, the title is directly presented by the website domain name, as shown below:


A variety of reasons, Yang Zi was in

love Shanghai site: website domain name the page description of information presentation and actual website information content as shown below:

today with this topic we have to share, do not know how many owners in the industry encountered a similar situation, a just on the line near the railway station, through the Shanghai love search website domain name or site:wwwxxx贵族宝贝 comes home description content and the content does not match the actual website.

after repeated discussions at the end of the reasons to love Shanghai to exhaust. (Note: this conclusion has not been officially confirmed Shanghai love)

The problem of

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