Four induction station optimization

two, the article page and related content page links

article page is the highest, but to do the whole site weight increase is not desirable. Outbound links inside pages must obey some principles, cite a simple example, just like the main contents of the present article is about the Shanghai Phoenix, then the article in your page, you can take the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon ah, Shanghai dragon skills ah, ah, the Dragon columns of Shanghai micro-blog Taobao the Shanghai Dragon and so on in the form of some of the Shanghai dragon from shallow to deep into the class. Then, according to the arrangement of each category, a list of related articles, here can be displayed in the form of questions, such as what is the Shanghai dragon? How to learn how to do the Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon optimization? Etc. These advocate we can study the love of Shanghai.


we often mentioned diversified anchor text in the construction of the chain set, this principle is also applicable to the station optimization. In order to make the search engine better judgment web content, different articles to the anchor text corresponding to the same content. However, in actual operation, I do not advocate for independent content construction interface, the anchor text diversity, because of this, the workload is very large, but the effect is not so obvious. So I think we should only need the chain in the anchor text construction on the directory page, only the specific practices related keywords directory page segmentation, sorting out the relevant keywords, appear in the page where, according to the situation, with 32 anchor text, it is relatively simple but, on the directory page optimization, will also play a very good effect.

No weight links derived

so, how to avoid these search engines have left "defects", to avoid such a mistake? I want to according to the personal experience, do simple analysis, to share with you to discuss, this article represents only the personal views, have a wrong place, also hope to get everyone’s advice.

is a common phenomenon in the webmaster circle is how to use the Shanghai dragon skills do website ranking optimization, of course, this is a webmaster must do. If the site does not do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then your website in the search engine will not get a good ranking. This will directly lead to, you will lose most of the traffic source, believe that every webmaster will know the search engine is the most main source of site traffic. Once a site does not flow, so the site can only be said to be a body without a soul. Because the relevant rules of the search engine in constantly improve, constantly updated, a lot of Shanghai dragon is skill learning by exploring every webmaster continuously, found in the ground. So, in the whole process, there will inevitably be some inconsiderate "optimization loopholes" led to the optimization of "trap" appearance.

, on the diversification of

station anchor text

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