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owners will think the meaning of the chain is to let the other website for our website to vote, but if you really consider voting and deeper meaning behind? Is love Shanghai developed for the chain to vote this feature, rather than Google, which is caused by the chain we usually the love of Shanghai included better, mainly because Google is relatively poor, so also created a lot of love in order to obtain the Shanghai ranking webmaster mistaken essence of website optimization is outside the chain.

for some owners think that his hair of the chain is very valuable, not the so-called mass, buy links, but why the site is still being punished by search engines? In fact, this time involving the owners of these foreign chain the understanding of the meaning of those is not thorough, so this time someone asked and what is the meaning of the chain of

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for the chain really play a role in the vote is not that we deliberately go to the link, and the conditions for the value chain is the basic nature of the chain. The so-called natural we will need to meet three conditions: one is the existence of traffic must be outside the chain page we released in two, the chain is closely related to our website theme, the three is the chain really can attract users to click. Imagine if we released the chain page long time without any user access, the page of the search engine is a chain of garbage No one shows any interest in the page, and the page is undoubtedly also is of no value to the garbage outside the chain, for example, our chain in a breast site I released the name of the game even if the page is the theme of my website and related, do you think those breast users will be interested in that? So the correlation is very important, but the chain page and our website related theme, and is valuable so natural to attract users to enter through the chain I > click on the address

In fact,

search engine algorithm constantly improve, also give us these do optimization webmaster to bring a lot of problems, especially after the Shanghai green love algorithm, sell for links and before we have always thought that the value chain denied. The reason and love Shanghai to do so from an objective point of view is good, it is hope that we can long-term development, the construction of the chain of real value, and not simply for the optimization of Shanghai dragon fool.

believe that every webmaster all know the importance of the website chain for a site, especially after the release of Shanghai love Webmaster Platform chain out related announcement, for many truly understand the essence of the chain webmaster is not a good thing, but for those who blindly do garbage outside the chain of owners is undoubtedly not fatal blow. And those who really have a value chain for the web is always the undeniable fact. In fact, when we first contact site optimization in this industry, we all know that the principle of the chain of voting, when our website each added a chain, is equal to the other site cast a vote for the friendly to our website.

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