Shanghai dragon Advisor how to do website keyword research

1, the chain and competitors how large, how many web site pages, a look at the website PR value or weight, which is the domain name itself accumulation of external links a direct digital.

specification, the entire site columns is not itself, is not the boss, but the website channel and the program are based on keyword research to the.

Second step

as a consultant at the Xuzhou network for analysis and optimization, billion) of the web site keywords so much, if you have a better suggestion, you can also add QQ, WeChat 654703209: communicate with me, thank you for your visit! Please specify the source and load to maintain the link 贵族宝贝

Keywords The first step of Xuzhou Shanghai Dragon ( , thank you!

3, social networking, especially how involved in micro-blog inside, to see whether there is a micro-blog official, how many fans, if more than the degree of difficulty will be greater.

4, see rival web page optimization level, can be through the web site to see the diagnosis.

2, see each other website domain name age, old domain name domain name has more advantages than the new.

The structure of

, keyword research

2, relative to the demand, but the difficulty is relatively small, the user needs is the keyword search times, the difficulty is relatively small in the search list, the difficulty to make a judgment, see which demand is relatively large.

Third step

so, how to do the website keyword research? Xuzhou billion network that is divided into three steps:

1, Sike, not what good choice, we must do this, but you know how difficult, how much work is expected to

, keyword distribution

do research two methods:

, competitors of

ER in Shanghai Longfeng site before optimization, we need to study the related website keywords, analyze what keywords are flow rate, which keyword competitiveness, summed up the site early, middle and later need to optimize what keywords.

has several aspects:

The maximum

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