Talk about my personal experience and views the 301 redirect

here I want to explain, I do a 301 redirect on August 3rd at the same time as the two station. Our company is a business portal, another is my own doing personal station. Our operation portal operators have relatively long time, has been very stable, so was not K. My own personal station was in love with the sea due to K station soon, so this is definitely in love Shanghai review period. Do 301 redirection in this case is very likely to be K, because I was the K station, to love Shanghai search, found that many owners are doing 301 redirection by K.

The station is Many

said my website is very unlucky ah, June 27th, space business said their server problems, leading to my site a week to open K. Then the space business more outrageous, people can not find. Just because of the space soon, no backup, causing the site data lost, heartache ah.

so, I again find a space business, again do this website. This site is only a name, everything else will come again. I had never used before in the 301 redirect website is gradually increasing. However, in August 3rd, I saw a 301 redirect benefits from the forum. So I have their own site with a 301 redirect.

finally, is my conclusion: the 301 redirect increase website weight is in doubt, because not only the Shanghai dragon veteran said, site Admin5 webmaster nets such do 301 redirect. However, in the new period and turbulence station don’t do that, otherwise there will be a potentially large K station.


then, tragedy happened. As we all know, every Thursday night love of Shanghai will be updated once. After Thursday August 4th August 5th morning update love Shanghai, it included 0 tragic love Shanghai, K stand. I have normal regular updates, the number of Links is also a day of the increase, so there is no cheating in the station was K can. Only on the site to do the big move is to do 301 redirect website. Then, discovered in August 5th by K station, I immediately removed the 301 redirect code, Shanghai included love will come back soon.

贵族宝贝942game贵族宝贝/’s original experience experience, please indicate.

just contact Shanghai Longfeng rookie door to see a lot of big website uses a 301 redirect, also in the forum to see a lot of Laoniao said benefits 301 redirect, of course the main focus is the website weight. I am a junior rookie, when I see these, I have a heart. So, I began my journey of 301 redirect.

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