Some conventional methods and details of the website of Shanghai Longfeng share

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4, web site keywords, description and optimization of

web design and code optimization, then we should optimize the structure of the website and domain name, domain name easy to remember is the first choice when selecting a domain name, easy to search engine included time is also convenient for visitors to remember, also mentioned above is "the path level remained at three. And if it is four above the level of the page contains three pages effect is certainly not good, the other is to use the static pages with static pages, avoid the use of dynamic pages, although the major search engines said in a statement for static or dynamic is also included, but a large number of data show that there is a difference between.

we do Shanghai dragon’s purpose is very clear, is to promote sales of enterprise products, improve business visibility, attract partners, and reduce the marketing costs of enterprises. Sales promotion is the core of a business, everyone through the optimization to make their sites have a good ranking, the chance is much higher than the turnover ranked by the enterprise, improve enterprise’s popularity in the network, but also easy to attract other partners to join, also be Shanghai dragon is a very clear the point is to save costs, compared with those of traditional media advertising, the cost is very low, some friends may say yes, can play the auction, the auction is to let the website ranking quickly, but there are drawbacks, the first is the cost problem, the second problem is always rely on to solve is competitive website ranking problem? Of course is impossible, therefore, Shanghai dragon is necessary and reasonable. In this paper, I share with you some of the conventional Shanghai Longfeng methods and techniques, hope Some


1, web design optimization

is a very common word is, the details determine success or failure, we do Shanghai dragon also needs to improve all the details, from the title, column name, and then to the image processing, site map, the call and so on are all we need to pay attention to, for example, is added to the picture ALT tag, plus H1 label and so on, these are the details of things.

3, website optimization

2, the website structure optimization domain name

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we all know, want to do a web site of the Shanghai dragon, so not easy to write a few words to be able to solve, first of all, we need to do is to optimize the website, said here is not to say that "optimization, design things, but based on the above appearance, to improve the speed of the page load, do not appear redundant code, easy to search engine included, in addition to the navigation bar and section of the website are not using pictures or JS, and the column level all by three pages, simple and clear, the first column page content page, and each page can let visitors easily back on a page and home page, this is all you need to pay attention to the problem.

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