Shanghai dragon and enterprise type of site exchange Links must be cautious

second: type of enterprise website program for the search engine is not friendly to

first note, this article does not refer to all types of enterprise website, most just said, according to the majority theory, so I can only use the word "type of enterprise website" to do collectively. Some of the views would be a little too extreme, may cause a lot of enterprise website management group beat Shanghai dragon. But I still want to firmly put pen to write this article, the purpose is to give some new Shanghai dragon friend some reference. At the same time to explain the "type of enterprise website" refers to that contains only simple display type website company homepage, company profiles, product introduction, news, message of the other columns. For e-commerce enterprises, business news and information station station tired is not included. The following point: why Shanghai dragon and enterprise type of site exchange Links must be cautious? We can be analyzed from the following two aspects:

: the first type of enterprise website poor security

type of enterprise website is generally by the company or individual entrusted provide professional website production company / team to construction. But most of the company / team for enterprise site is directly with the established procedures to set the template. Of course, this also cannot be attributed to the network company / organization, after all, do a business station profit is very low, so it is impossible to please professional programmers spend a lot of time and energy devoted to the development program for you. And get ready to set the program template and the result is that it is difficult to ensure the safety of " " Web application;. Because these programs include vulnerabilities are basically in the online public, just to find a broken black mask, let him attack such sites can also be said to do easy. You may wish to exchange some Links type website to search the type of enterprise website, most sites are basically a few black chain and garbage chain, even a business standing almost become a "web site". With this website to exchange what it means Links? As a qualified Shanghai dragon Er needless to say, you can understand the


is still here to speak with the facts, we go to the forum Links forum just to find a few enterprise website in Shanghai SITE love, love to see is not included in Shanghai more than 1000 pages of almost no? Love is not Shanghai included hundreds of pages are not the majority? Is not just a collection of SITE almost all is in dozens of pages or so? This is not to say that the optimization of the site do not, but enterprises show congenital defect caused by this website template. This kind of enterprise stand generally contains a few pages, the page is more product introduction and company news, originally the site also tens of hundreds of pages, so you may not love Shanghai included thousands of pages. The enterprise website in order to many beautiful atmosphere, home more or less are used in FLASH, and FLASH for the unfriendly spider, when it.

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