The new year is approaching Shanghai will have a new love algorithm to change it

chain this right, then you need to adjust the content and structure of this article, where daily update or update, just from the original dozen can gradually decrease, but remember the content update, can reduce 1 of the update every day, slowly reduced. Because the stacking machine I do belong to the enterprise website content update station, relative information station will be a lot less. The internal structure of the site according to the search engine’s preferences, the optimization of local optimization.

website data analysis can be said to be a very important job site optimization, Shanghai dragon left data support work can not be carried out. Well before the holiday of data analysis, in order to flow back to the website > Holiday

4, do website data analysis

to ensure that no problem, so that our optimization work is guaranteed, if these problems, you do optimization work is in vain. This time I will detect good website domain name, palletizing robot my server is to expire, if there is a virtual host website or website downtime, the issue of slow reaction time. These issues will be dealt with, the next thing I can do the site optimization.

The chain

‘s new year’s Day is the beginning of the 14 year, love Shanghai to wantonly adjustment algorithm to optimize friend is the momentum we stop, now I am still in the palletizing robot mechanical site in MOPA roll, the next work is to prepare for the next day and the spring festival. To do the preparatory work before the holiday, what is a good change for the site’s ranking, website traffic, mechanical palletizing robot ensure at least the ranking can stable. Love will not take advantage of the Shanghai algorithm next holiday making adjustments, I also have no time to guess, stands to reason that love Shanghai staff to leave, nor the mood adjustment algorithm. But we do optimization or ready, what time do not fight the battle unprepared. Below I talk about how to prepare for the next holiday battle.

site suddenly increased or decreased suddenly, are not conducive to the optimization of the site work. The next holiday I will not continue to update the site of the palletizing robot, who do not want to have a good year ah, no one will help people to work so that the new year is still work together. Although the love of Shanghai foreign chain hit relatively large, but the chain is still to be done, my palletisers 贵族宝贝fujiyusoki贵族宝贝.hk/ website in the chain, but the quality will be much higher. In order not to let my chain of a sharp decline in the situation, now every day I reduce the chain 1 to 2 release, so that during the holiday does not appear outside the chain in the form of a sudden drop. You can come home for the holidays, every day is increasing gradually, so the chain will be stable.

2, These external factors

site outside the chain increased to smooth down some

3, the website internal structure, optimize the content of the construction of

1, website host, domain name, server detection

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