Using images to create one hundred thousand high quality chain


second: through the search engine to sort out a number of high weight, included fast, high popularity of the forum, the best have some relationship with your site’s theme.

chain construction for image links, I want to express this is only my discovery, I also started trying, so the results are not conclusive, if a friend has been tried, please tell your experience here, I can only share some of my findings and ideas. Some time ago, accidentally discovered a lot of popular keywords a website in Shanghai before a few love, check its AX look even ranked more than 7000, enter the website of the slip ring, and did not find too many special places, this website a lot of advertising, but also pop, layout is a mess, the overall impression people are not good. By querying its love Shanghai love Shanghai found weight weight value is 7, Shanghai is expected to love the site traffic is 33877 ~ 50462, and the noble baby PR value is 5, is not too low. Check the chain which I can think of at that time, a look at the chain I jumped, external links about one hundred thousand, although not many high weight website links, but these about one hundred thousand good scary ah. Look at the chain it is found that the site outside the chain through a lot of replies in the forum or when the post with your own pictures, and no signature, I think this is perhaps the source of its large chain of lies.

1, in the post when not in the same forum at the same time too much and stick with the same picture, so be careful Oh K. (which I’ve tried)

3, always pay attention to your backlinks, as long as the search engine detects a forum in 35 you can connect, too much of a >

third: registered account in these forums, in which posts, replies. Of course, the effect will be better, but if time is limited, on the back of Post Bar, I see which sites are mostly post.

, 2 day post forum to arrange, not one made too much, we must have a plan, step by step, or if too many of these images make the search engine as the mass punishment you stand, the opposite, optimization to don’t want to ask for the moon, the days and months multiplying, we all know.

: first we made a number of beautiful and funny for the top post pictures, such as QQ signature like (this kind of pictures in Shanghai Post Bar in should be able to find ready-made pictures), not too big, too will increase the pressure on the server.

before we are through the use of signature or posting in the forum link web keywords or description text, but many websites can not set the signature, not to mention with keyword tracing text, but his method can get their links to join the forum. Of course, the effect is good, it is difficult to say, but I think if the link should be effective.

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