How to make unconventional keywords bring traffic to the site


recently had a group of friends asked a snapshot of the site is not stable, sometimes not included, not the original! In the research we found that he uses the method of brush flow, let the love of Shanghai warned the website. In fact, I know that the brush flow is black hat means, why are there Shanghai dragon Er crime against the wind? The reason is that they bring traffic to the site by setting the keywords can not, so let the website become "dead station", there is no effect to the enterprise marketing. In this connection, the author Dennis to share an offbeat traffic driving mode today.

can bring the advantage of website traffic to a site!? when forward when the bottleneck can not progress, we must analyze the needs of users by using keywords reverse thinking mode estimation. When cannot be established through keywords to attract users, we have to seriously consider the core keywords user needs, to see whether competitive industries to meet the user demand station. If not we will be based on the core word for extension, which will form a system of core keyword search area, or that is extended using unconventional words to site traffic. Here the author Dennis for unconventional words, in general we search keywords or long tail word we often think of these words, we can be seen as the conventional and unconventional vocabulary; word phrase is relatively long and somewhat confusing logic combinations of keyword phrases.

when we locate web site keywords can not bring traffic to the site, the problem is that there has been a corresponding site to meet the needs of users, and we do not rival quality, you can only look at the user to leave us. At this time we do not analyze your website or competitor website, because it only allows us to limit in the future in the swamp inextricably bogged down in, even if you find a space, caught in the flow of the website marketing effect is small.

like this unconventional vocabulary we will not promote optimization, then how to let users find and click on the site

generally, when we retrieve short words can not meet the requirements of search time, will according to the immediate needs in front of or behind the increase in short word vocabulary, in order to meet the needs of our current search. This unconventional word usually Shanghai dragon Er is not listed it as the theme of vocabulary, because it covers more than of wide, but when the user cannot use short words to meet the demand, so the unconventional words will attract more users to click, so as to bring traffic for the site.

then what should be done? The group of friends that can release the soft in some entertainment site links to guide the left click. Do not deny that will bring a lot of traffic to the site tide in such a short time, but the website based on the long-term optimal point of view, this is not the best. Because it brings many users because of the inconsistent and quickly leave the site, will increase your bounce rate, for the website ranking and the conversion rate of speaking is a failure.

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