Love Shanghai snapshot of history but you should pay attention to

the phrase: "no time to publish content page, can increase the accuracy of the proposed station release time, if malicious tampering with the contents of the release time will be reduced, and the evaluation of the page of the website in the search engine." This, I will not say, is very straightforward, malicious tampering with the contents of release time, will reduce the evaluation of search engine and web page



second is said to be time web content more accurately inform the user, reduce the user cost, enhance the efficiency of click. In fact, the ranking is not directly affected, but the content of the time to tell the user, reduce the cost of the user’s choice, enhance the efficiency of click. Users can choose according to their own needs, the relative time of the results of the home page, click, channel, list, this kind of topic does not display the release time page is not in this regard is out of

release time not to change the


and you are to see the new love, but love Shanghai, ahead of the deployment of these strong timeliness, and flow, and awesome timeliness of vocabulary. For example, the summer college entrance examination training this kind is due to the time of the show and let in advance when it is deployed to wood ranked show


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released "love Shanghai snapshot time to Upgrade Notice", told us about it, or I really thought this snapshot and a problem. But in the search on the show, see the announcement, discussion is a wood, wood…. not many people say something else. I talk what should pay attention to.

? ?

announced the first sentence referred to the timeliness, and the word that two years have frequent ear. Shortly before the love of Shanghai spider video, also illustrates the effectiveness of the latter will do medium and small websites more timely grasp basic caught and catch the whole day.

March 6, 2015, what happened. May for a lot of people are not what, but for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, this is undoubtedly the headlines today! Love Shanghai snapshot time has become history, is really not, love Shanghai snapshot is history –


content timeliness

has an impact on the ranking of

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