New optimization techniques three months rapid ranking

to new sites in the three months to the home page ranking even to the first need to do is not only the content of construction and the construction of the chain, and the construction of the content and the chain in the importance of different time is not the same. When we put the degree after I come up easily. Below I introduce my optimization process:

site is 5 products, more than 1 months after the home in hiding two other products, and also hides a column in the navigation. At the same time in the home increases the bucket elevator drawings in this column, from the current data, click on this column is more. And on the line less than a month when the bucket elevator drawings "ranked first on the site, and has been in the top three, brought some IP to the site.

4, bucket elevator programme, the quality of reason is the topic page than the web page, the inside pages will be better. All of the bucket contents gathered in the column page, pictures, structure, principle, standard, the user looks not only convenient, at the same time, the entire page content quality is very high. Next for this special.

2, the website is not only to meet the needs of the buyers, but also needs to satisfy the information needs of user groups and the majority of this part of the crowd. If this part of the crowd did not meet the demand, our website users will be very small, it is difficult to love Shanghai website ranking to the first page. It is also for this reason I increased the structure of this column, and put them on the front page. Structure diagram of the homepage image must use CAD drawings in the form of display, so as to attract users to click. If is the real map general there is no visual impact and need to see the text that there might be.

When the


3, whether it is on the drawing page, or on the product page I do download link. There is a link to download a few words and then is compressed on the drawing page, link is pointing to love Shanghai SkyDrive. So the user not only download faster, it will not lead to the site open slowly. Compressed images are added, as is the user experience, allowing users to see that this is a compressed package download. In the product page I have document download link, the reason is the search of the word user manual and other types of needs to download. Different documents under different products to meet the needs of users, user.

1, increase the drawing column, the reason is because the search for a large part of bucket type lifting machine is the user to find the bucket elevator structure diagram and drawings, but there are few online this special website. That is not out of the drawings, is the need to buy to get. But we do not rely on selling drawings profitable, so open a part of Never mind. And the Internet is not so focused on different types of bucket elevator structure, if we do, will have the advantage.

Optimization of

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