Novice to search engine optimization in Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding

Cookie can record the user operation information in their own site, but users out of the site after data is not to track. Most of the time we log on some websites, such as login information and other input data are in fact that each site alone retained the user record.

4, the website set up after the keyword ranking and not

3, Cookie can only record the website user information, the user does not record in other website operation information

including me, for a very long time to think that as long as the settings of the site keywords, website update and optimize the internal and external chain after these keywords will be ranked. In fact, now keyword and description search engine website set up in the calculation of correlation may only reference only, let alone influence ranking. Site keywords ranking do go up or rely on our specially for these words to do within the chain chain optimization, the more concentrated the anchor text keywords ranking ability is better.



Webmaster Tools data function helps us understand the comprehensive data information website, the love of Shanghai is now a chain in the weight >

webmaster tools provide reference value for Shanghai love weight

optimization is not an immutable and frozen work, he needs to optimize the staff always to find and optimize the user experience of the process, and not always to love Shanghai, not every day with a big aunt theory, love Shanghai each month is not the big aunt, who called aunt theory is not suitable for the optimization of the way now that has been popular in big data now, update the search engine algorithm is always, but the only constant is to enhance the user experience, so we both do white hat optimization, or black hat optimization, all starting from the user. Especially rookies6 summed up several aspects of search optimization misunderstanding me:

2, the search index is not equal to the actual search volume

love Shanghai official clear to users in the search volume love Shanghai as the basic data, based on keywords statistics object of scientific analysis and calculation of each keyword in Shanghai love web search and search frequency weighted ", pay attention to is the search frequency, is not a simple search volume. But love is the actual Shanghai index search volume is a valuable index.

1, love Shanghai snapshot time and website weight is not directly related to

page weight is helpful for website snapshot update time, but the website snapshot update time is based on historical site update frequency and content quality to decide, the frequency of updates faster, more frequent crawling. In addition the content page update frequency is very small. There is a spider crawling frequency but is not updated, because the search engine that content quality is not worth updating. Another love Shanghai without too much official website snapshot.

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