Love is not Shanghai gifts received only a primary

love Shanghai for the meaning of the content is the most valuable content to the user, while the content production is individual stationmaster is difficult to self production, but from the long-term perspective, in order to be able to continue reading, in site inside the increased PV, many contents are all update approach, but the observation of domestic Hot Blog Lu Songsong’s blog, in fact the accumulation of several years, also do not have too much content, is the quality and interactivity, this is also a trend of social network under.

WHY before the Shanghai Longfeng teacher Cardiff and Wang Tong teacher to speed transit share on the Shanghai dragon online salon topic, only when the teacher said, most of the previous concern may be included, will continue to reduce the later included, this is one of the reasons that a website reprinted online before the update to and this also indicates that the importance of the collection.

received only a raw, naturally become the author’s point of view, previously seen in the online media exposure portal page links to articles, is written by Lu Songsong, now Shanghai.

Shanghai is not love gifts, in fact is to enter a lot of content, and then collected after feedback back to you, once the update in the webmaster forums, or micro-blog, all the discussion will start, reprinted the gift update, please only temporary love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon from the long-term perspective included, affect the ranking, but good content to do rankings you will get unexpected results, the author of the Soft blog last year almost every day to write original, since this year rarely updated, now the word of thousands of soft index, still in the home, not because of the number of web pages to me, but in the matter.

therefore love Shanghai included more web pages and not in order to provide a good keywords ranking, this is a view of the author, so I think the original content in the short term is difficult to achieve a volume, but through continuous accumulation and aggregation of content, for the Shanghai dragon optimization is very valuable, weight stability is a fundamental one of the website optimization, the update is also included by weight stable reprint.

talked about the original content, do not know Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends seem to have been concerned about the original content, since the field by focusing on Shanghai Longfeng this time, there are some common speech is original is good, the original content can let love Shanghai better, today the author recalled a few years ago ad the writing to share about love that included only the original Shanghai a problem.

when it comes to love Shanghai pay attention to original content, we believe that this is very clear, as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, we work in addition to grasp the search engine algorithm, more is the most basic application of Shanghai Dragon technology, and take it for a long period of operation, this is the essence of Shanghai dragon is, at least I think so, that is to make the user experience and user experience is the content for the first.

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