Please don’t ignore the basic Shanghai Dragon

2. if the webmaster to Shanghai dragon, so we have to treat each lesson, speak every lesson we will take the content of the class to practice it, the only way you can really understand the contents, after all the content and operation there is a gap, you may meet the new problems in the operation, we learn more don’t three days fishing nets two days of drying to know Shanghai dragon’s knowledge update but fairly quickly.

said 1. had said the soft foundation is the ability to write soft Wen, each Shanghai dragon must have, we will reach 1.5 to 2 hours to write an article, method is to practice every day to write every day, we want to write a soft, not the kind of no one in the corner of the article but have the article must reply quantity and views, we write soft Wen also.

two, will have a very clear idea of Shanghai dragon

many of our webmaster friends back a lot of Shanghai dragon training institutions to learn Shanghai dragon, after learning, it is always said Shanghai dragon theory, yes, I think the Shanghai dragon theory is from practice and analysis of various data summed up, and we learned Shanghai dragon also need to practice. Through continuous operation from theory to practice, finally put these theories into their own things in Shanghai dragon.

do a clear Shanghai dragon is a solid foundation, we know what shouldn’t, in the mind to form.

although this almost tired but you don’t ignore, many owners say they have many stations, but many are not their own, the network company holds the power of the web site, make yourself a sadness, you learn something to practice but not out of practice.

Shanghai dragon, three simple words that the webmaster every day to see the most words, we usually do Shanghai dragon is also in the continuous learning of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, some question whether the novice or veteran in the process of learning in Shanghai dragon in Shanghai dragon, feel the knowledge miscellaneous, a little hammer, West a wooden stick feeling, sometimes very confused, do not know where the direction of learning, sometimes encounter a problem is not clear what, need to check, we know this thing without a solid foundation is not up to the effect of the late, Shanghai dragon is such but we are engaged in the process of Shanghai dragon in our true value our foundation? Sometimes we think of simple and easy to ignore, but Such is the cause of can’t do anything in our future.

1. must have their own independent website

here we ask three access to in their own hands, that is: FTP access, space or server permissions, background landing permissions.

Training institutions , a study plan for Shanghai dragon to have a practice

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