Seven kinds of spider pit site optimization must be avoided

avoid spider trap

dynamic website, the website is to mislead search engine website, if the set is not appropriate will also cause the search engine site judgment is not clear to the end which is a regular page (the principle with Session is similar to ID, and URL) also have disadvantages in dynamic spider crawl, we should prevent the proposal, webmaster hand the website should do a static, and shield that some abnormal parameter url.

> These sites we optimize the

, a Flash plate

If the Dynamic URL

three, Session ID

two, Javascript

, the five page is the frame frame structure


site that uses Session ID to track users visit, this is also a consequence of very despicable spider pit, because the spider visited the website of the moment, no matter what is called the page, even if the same page will show different ID, is very difficult to determine which a URL is the main page, or even will be mistaken for site number page duplicate content, the surface is to be prevented.

positions, the main daily office more than just to keep the user thinking problem, the number of output quality content, on the other hand, we should also give consideration to the search engine website, it has some disadvantages in cleaning up search engine website for a stumbling block to our website, for example, a number of sites is not good optimization of the cause of the station has a lot of spider pit, to finally had a good website search engine sites often do not give false to the position, and even caused a number of page search engine website abandoned. Because of this it is in our office in Shanghai Longfeng aware optimization, the following specific introduction is the ocean:

four, with a variety of parametersThe more URL

in the spider pit optimization must be avoided


and Flash is basically a principle, it can increase the pleasure group website, but regret that web search engines can’t grab, and if there are many websites so JS will seriously affect the website loading speed, the website ranking is not smooth, this is also attributable to a more serious spider pit.

Seven types of

Flash true sector is indeed giving people the feeling effect is very good, from this point of view is actually very helpful in understanding the user experience, but regret is the spider can grab the ordinary HTML code, the love is the text information, and Flash in the search engine website is a dry eyes just right now the basic links, not very good judgment to the end of what is inside the goods, natural also have disadvantages to website optimization.

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