Shanghai Longfeng novice how to grasp the construction site in the chain

3. in the chain distribution page weight. The inside pages are essentially can transfer weight. Like many large websites, such as Sina, the Sohu the portal, without a lot of energy to make the chain too much, but pay attention to their own brand building, through chain planning, the weight transfer to each page. The chain construction is particularly important in large sites. For small and medium-sized site, the inside pages also have the weights of the transfer function, and it is also easy to overlook the many small owners.

4, the chain deployment of common sense: the right to vote and anchor text. A web link to vote in different positions of different. Link intensive, information plays the role of the recommended index. If it is a core part of the paper which belongs to the page, so according to their own situation to consider how to add a link. The anchor text, there are many small and medium-sized web page will appear at the bottom of links to a web page, this.

2, link form. It can be divided into two aspects: link address and anchor text. Relative links, anchor text is very important. The search engine through the anchor text pointing to understand the theme of the page, so in the setting of the anchor text is directed to remember there is a close correlation between the page and the anchor text must, it is best to search engine optimization.


involves "weight problems, then we have to mention the" evaluation. Page is a kind of resource, how to allocate it reasonable? One of the most important thing is that there are so many pages of a website, how to evaluate, which pages invested great effort, which do not ignore it? We can take the "simple is divided into two categories: one is the key to optimize the page. Index page, project page, content page; one is the auxiliary information page, about us, contact us, recruitment, registration, rules etc.. Master these, will not do some useless.

1, chain planning. This is the construction of the chain should be first considered. In the main chain planning to help the search engine index function. A website chain planning is reasonable or not decides whether to get the search engine’s index.

novice how to grasp the construction site? In this process several times in the renewal of love Shanghai, responsible for the small website ranking also experienced a roller coaster ups and downs. After this update observation, Xiaobian found within the chain construction in higher position love Shanghai algorithm, in a timely manner within the chain construction, for the website ranking plays an important role. Small series, the chain construction can proceed from the following:

said Shanghai Longfeng, recently many small owners are confusing. Follow Scindapsus algorithm, pomegranate algorithm, so that our professional staff too busy to attend to all Shanghai dragon. Many novice like me in front of the link building is very confused, are at a loss. Love Shanghai so exhausting, what is the reason? The answer is obvious: search engine optimization through those trick Shanghai dragon by cheating off, neatly stand is the kingly way.

The Shanghai dragon

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