Share a few points of grassroots webmaster love Shanghai search engine optimization

recently that we can feel the love of Shanghai are frequently updated, resulting in 30% of the Internet website site is not in the first place, so whether the site is really is down right? The answer is no, love this adjustment is mainly aimed at Shanghai, with links and content of comprehensive properties the assessment score, many large portal sites such as "Tencent" and "Sina" and so on the domestic well-known portal news site, and they love Shanghai company site, and they are the weight of the website, I do not want to say we all know that their web page site has not in the first position, so, for site the home page is in the first position in this matter, we mainly use the following aspects to check the input domain name of the site directly in the search engine, search, see his home soon According to whether the date was recently updated, and see his site keywords, such as the name of the web site on the top ranking in the home, if the first few, then this site is not normal site in the first place, just love the adjustment of Shanghai. For the home page keyword ranking no snapshot or return more than half a month’s website, so these sites may be down the right to love Shanghai. (only personal views)

snapshot slow site for example today is December 13, 2011, his snapshot is December 1st, our website snapshot is December 12th, if our website and other sites to exchange Links, tomorrow our website snapshot update, from our love Shanghai snapshot click into our website, there are their anchor text connection, but from their website click on the inside we did not go inside the website Links >

wrote a speech in Shanghai dragon "rookie" content is king "BaiDu search engine optimization" this experience article, published in the A5, you can through the A5 search and see this article, this is the first time I write in the A5 submission, this post was reproduced in the amount of more than 100. There are more than 100 separate sites to reprint, then the equivalent of the post to my site to increase more than 100 independent site external links, in fact, clear writing soft Wen contribute, is to increase the high quality of the chain to the site, then in addition to these are those factors that influence website ranking? Here, I’ll make a few for everyone.

2. why exchange Links cannot exchange snapshot slow site

I am always, I haven’t come A5 webmaster writing today, taking the time to write love Shanghai search engine more important points of the Shanghai dragon ER in some problems encountered in the process of website optimization, these are after personally practice. (for reference only) as we all know, the main factors affecting a website ranking: website content, website links, framework construction, keywords layout etc.. But in these, how many points they don’t know.


1. for site is not the first site

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