Shanghai dragon Combat two or three page website ranking on home page

to love Shanghai, give us a good website ranking position, the primary reference condition weight high is our website provides what is love Shanghai, for the network users provides what. These can give help Shanghai keep their customers love. Only bring good benefits to love Shanghai website can be recognized in the Shanghai sea love love home. In the end, the website of Shanghai Longfeng rankings is the love and pursuit of Shanghai search engine market share a win-win results.

We use the

first we try to understand the factors of web page ranking. According to the different industries of different types of Web sites, love Shanghai for the site of the quality requirements are also different. But the same is to enter the Shanghai home is in love and competitors than the content of the website, and the user experience than to allow users to choose their favorite websites, by users to vote for different quality evaluation to love Shanghai website ranking position.

We know that

love Shanghai top three can often take 70% traffic, so we must understand the top three websites to solve the problem for users. The encyclopedia is mainly aimed at the definition of the domain, it will give the user defined keywords to understand clearly area of the word; blogs are more involved in the content, how much news in the industry and common problems and skills. The master content provided on the top three websites we can navigate your web site. They generally do more comprehensive, we want to enter the home to do they not related to the content.


keyword "Shanghai dragon optimization" as an example, to analyze how to make love in the second, third row into the Shanghai home page website.

understand this, we look back to the long-term ranking in the second, third page of the website of Shanghai love. We know that love Shanghai effective rank definition in the first 76 pages, can give the site of the benefits of ranking defined in general in the first 2 pages. Enter the second, third page of the website has to participate in the ranking algorithm click love Shanghai, but to further relates to love Shanghai lifting algorithm, this algorithm is more focus on user experience.

many website ranking in the search engine Months and years pass by. second and third pages around, did not enter the home page, where is the reason? Is the content quality? Is the chain number or user experience? To love Shanghai as an example, today the author Dennis to combat Shanghai dragon and home together to discuss how to make two or three page of the website ranking rapid onslaught love Shanghai home.

retrieves the user classification. We can find the search keywords appear on the home page first love sea love Shanghai for the definition, the two or three industry is the God of the blog, other positions are forums, enter the second page you will find some of the old domain name site optimization, from here we can analyze user query the keywords the second is more, should learn the class of users, from the data we can grasp the website user segment good to locate the site.

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