Deng Kanhao to change the site URL for Shanghai dragon have much impact

sum up, as long as the line on the website, the website do internal optimization, after the update at the same time, hope that we still do not change the site, even if you change a navigation or what the search engine will think you’re changing things, there will be affected, some netizens may say, I add an influential things can’t, you’re wrong, as long as you have a little change, it will know.

The following figure:

we recall that love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon Google optimization guide this ebook up to think, what kind of URL to optimize? Here is not the answer, we have to think about that book. And the essence of Shanghai dragon actual combat password in this book..


we can see the original URL website address is how the domain name is +ID, this form. On the web this form is the main use of many independent blog, because they use a WP program, so there are so many.

editor: new webmaster nets 贵族宝贝k503贵族宝贝, A5 first, please keep the

the two picture contrast, is not found in the first picture and the second picture URL is greatly different, the second map URL is the domain name + classification form of +ID



Hello, I’m Deng Kanhao, today want to share with you is an article on the website of URL, because of the recent test, so some experience will get used to share with you, ha ha, this is I want to test my love for Shanghai is how to change the reaction speed of URL.

In this paper, the

URL now

through two days of observation, the reaction speed of love in Shanghai is very fast, because no change in URL is included in almost four thousand, then slowly reduced, today becomes one thousand, the new URL is also included, and included more than 100 articles today.

Let’s look at the

actually do Shanghai dragon friends know you change a URL website for the website influence is great, that we all know it, but there is no Shanghai dragon ER friends to test? Deng Kanhao day bold test, adding some new columns, and change the address of URL website and we look at the original URL site.

You can

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