Discussion on the relationship between nternet marketing and traditional marketing mode is what

2015 national NPC and CPPCC just concluded two days, in the NPC and CPPCC Chinese home Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report is mentioned eight times the "Internet" keywords, including "making" Internet plus action plan "to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and modern manufacturing industry, combined with the" "the promotion of electronic commerce, the Internet industry and the healthy development of Internet banking.

1. Internet market and the traditional market in the view of Yang Zi of Shanghai dragon, its essence is a space transformation, vector transformation, things thinking mode transformation, in order to build another scene model will supply and demand the formation of online connection form.


in conclusion: the birth of the Internet and the development of society, the progress of science and technology, is one of the direct embodiment of people’s thinking mode transformation factor, which affects the people.

from the national NPC and CPPCC has seen the development of the Internet to the strategic level of the country, and the Internet and mobile Internet of today’s rapid development, the company has been walking past the traditional mode of enterprises are gradually become the Internet marketing model, to help the current Internet development climax, dividends, to expand its business the brand marketing channels and sales channels.

2. is actually a traditional Internet information transfer, the transfer mode is only shifted the carrier of information, such as the traditional information carrier for print and television media (media including newspapers, books and magazines), and the dissemination of information through the network news portal, various social media platforms such as micro-blog, WeChat, SNS, timeliness, efficiency, regional convenience etc. characteristics at the same time it also has information dissemination.

3. Internet can be regarded as the online commercial plaza, a large ecological circle of commercial pedestrian street. As the traditional large commercial plaza, commercial pedestrian street as Wanda Commercial Plaza, the small and medium-sized city commercial pedestrian street. Thus the natural formation of Internet and traditional business combination, < establishing and perfecting the O2O business model that is online and offline ", the entire business model to form a closed loop.



is thinking of the Internet has been gradually and the traditional enterprise integration, but there are still many traditional operators of Internet operation mode and its understanding also just stay in the traditional thinking, and even some also use traditional business thinking to run the Internet, it will not reach the expected results, is a serious point in your grave. In order to let us have a clearer understanding of the Internet operation mode and traditional mode, the Yang Zi Shanghai dragon from the relationship between the three points to summarize their. < special note: this view is only one’s thinking, not on behalf of the public. If there is not a place that I can welcome Paizhuan! >

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