Analysis of the impact of virtual host on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems

4, for the user experience friendly user experience: apart from the website page layout and color, also need to take into account the impact on the website, the website open speed, when the user enters search site, browse the site found that the site can not open or open speed is very slow, they will not be able to deep to see the content of the website, the user experience is basically zero, your site’s design is again beautiful, also is in the cloud, no IP, PV site is not possible user experience, so the stability of the virtual host website will largely affect the degree of user experience.

1, the search engine spiders unfriendly: website search engine unfriendly, many will lie in the structure of the site, and the impact on the virtual host code, the concern has not many search engines, is the first natural index website, whether from the virtual host to the normal operation of the site analysis, if often the draft, then impact on the search engine is very large, even if the original article you write more, don’t let the other eye to see the search engine, virtual host site is not ideal after all.

2, web site keywords ranking unstable: keywords ranking to improve in addition to reasonable distribution depending on the content and keywords of excellent, virtual host stability factors also influence keywords ranking promotion, virtual host site is not stable enough, nature is unable to guarantee the stability of the key word ranking, do optimization, when you find the site keywords ranking fluctuation is very big, but can not find the reason, this time, you need to consider is the virtual host problem, virtual host instability will lead to the ups and downs of the keywords.

virtual host for the optimization of the impact site is still very large, when the virtual host choice, virtual host must choose stable, especially for the purchase of U.S. virtual host friends, which is more important, the virtual host unstable coupled with the language barrier, will let you feel to buy us virtual host is a nightmare. The United States, when buying a host, choose a Chinese station and the stability of the host.


3, included in the site is not good: the website access speed smoothly, is very helpful for search engines crawl, the instability of the virtual host, so that the spider is not normal to the index grab web content, web page is included, the machine will also be reduced, imagine next, the site can not be normal access or open the site to be included within the pages are unlikely, virtual host instability is absolutely affects the inside pages included.

station on the website of the Shanghai dragon optimization is very concerned, web site keywords ranking to improve, which means the increase of the flow rate, many people pay great attention to the web page optimization, site structure optimization and site code optimization, you know? Also affects the optimization of website hosting, here take a look at some effects brought to the virtual host website optimization.

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