360 more likely to search over 20% of the share at the end of the year

want to know the original Google because there are 30% of the city.

but love Shanghai at that time is a little bit of kindness, let 360 have a chance to breathe, but it also called love and 360 shake Shanghai monopoly slogans are not unrelated, so love Shanghai beneficence to 360 in 2013 and has made great progress, the market share has risen 6, reached 16%, this achievement is certainly a very brisk, so not only in 360 of the second quarter financial report, is put forward by the end of 360 the market share of more than 20%, although there are four share points, but enough to illustrate the 360 competitive strength.

is now even more terrible is that since the 360 entry in the search engine market, search engine is to put a bomb, because the search engine market, Shanghai has become a dominant recognized fact, China’s other search engines want to share in this market share but, love Shanghai firmly pressed on the earnings line, no strength to fight back, but 360 at the end of 2012 suddenly popped up, is playing a love Shanghai once even won 360 be taken by surprise, the market share of nearly 30, after the course to fall in love with the sea god back to suppress 360, 360 quickly and other search engines like domestic, market share fell sharply dropped to about 10%.

360 can be said to be the traditional Internet spoiler, powerful competitors but also the mobile Internet, the success of the 360 can be used to describe magic, just like Zhou Hongyi in 3721 such Chinese sites like magic, but the 360 play is long-term, while 3721 is playing a short line, now want to develop in the Qihoo one aspect, is undoubtedly a huge challenge for the industry, especially in terms of mobile phone assistant. Now the 360 mobile phone assistant apparently beat 91 and 91 wireless, wireless mobile phone is the first to eat the crab business assistant, was later defeated in 360, which illustrates the 360 terrible.

360 can also be used for acquisitions, such as the first half of the heat transfer of Sogou acquisition plan in the second half of the year, if the dust settles, perhaps it is not 20% of the market share is likely to reach 30% of the market share, which is obviously more willing to see the performance of 360, so I think now. The 20% plan may or 360 of the smoke, when 360 really Sogou acquisition, so for the love of Shanghai will be more and more big pressure, obviously.

360 of the strategy to achieve? From the current development trend, and this is possible, because growth in the first half of 6 points, after half a year growth in 6 will reach 22%, but the search engine industry, more to the back up will face greater pressure, so for 360 in order to break 20 points, or

20 difficult!Of course,

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