Webmaster cause analysis of keywords ranking unstable

know site is because of these factors will lead to keywords ranking drop, the correct approach is adjusted immediately, if there is a revision or modify title operation, wait for the search engine for recovery.

website ranking of ups and downs, the reason is nothing more than the search engine algorithm changes, to be punished for some of the problems arising from the site itself or drop right, the fierce industry competition, will lead to the site keywords ranking fluctuations, some factors can not be avoided, some factors could be relatively controllable.

Keywords Because when the

when certain keywords, when competition in the relatively large, site’s ranking is not very stable. Usually after third sites, each update ranking will be more obvious floating. Therefore, when the decline in ranking factors can confirm not the site itself, is concerned about the degree of competition in the industry, focus on the analysis of several sites in the industry better, their analysis data collection, the structure of the site, the chain distribution and quality related, thus in the new Shanghai dragon strategy and beyond.

two, the more intense competition in the industry


if the weight of the website itself is good, after the emergence of these similar problems, small range of the site will be a short time drop right, also is the keyword ranking dropped or suspended included. If the weight of the website is very low, or is new, often change the title, website revision, operation of some cheating would lead to a drop even by K.

If the

, a website of their own problems

website ranking and certainly more than three kinds of reasons, there will be some other factors, but these three types of factors, should be.

three, the search engine algorithm

search engine algorithm due to the change of Web site keywords ranking drop, this time we should cater to this change, and will try their best to stand and must go beyond.

is not the site itself, the competition of the industry is not particularly large, so there is a possibility that the search engine algorithm slightly changed. One example: a target keywords a station in the search engine ranking is ninth, when adjusted (such as the introduction of love Shanghai in the keyword search results in the sea search box), love Shanghai’s own products will be a place for the home page, so you can only rank ranked eleventh.

in most cases, web site keywords ranking drop, because there are some problems existing in the website itself, these problems include: the scope of time to attack the server or the server is often crashes, the website used too much cheating (such as hidden links, jump, hidden text, hidden pages, spam links etc.), the source of the chain site is too single, the website often revised, often change the title or description.

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