The three step fast selected with the value of the long tail keywords

webmaster will say, who knows what words are profitable? Here I give a little skill, long tail keywords and the main keywords with profitability are counterproductive, such as the main keywords is South Korea women’s, then the user oriented this keyword is very broad, is not conducive to their mastery of its effect. While the word evolved, where Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea to sell women’s women in general how much money and so on. They see that the user search is holding you want to purchase desire, their natural this with profitable nature of the long tail keywords take full use of the conversion rate is quite high. So, how to analyze the long tail keywords is profitability, simply analyzed from two points: first, the word reflects the strong desire to buy. The two word is appropriate and can bring profit or profit by not reliable. So, the site selection value of long tail keywords is the most simple to see whether the term has profitability.

, try to choose the price and side of the long tail keywords

for the website keywords most webmasters are relying on their flow to choose large flow itself by the webmaster love such words often, but the competition is also large, but also not so easy to go beyond the opponent, so take all the energy it is not necessary to obtain good results. For keywords, owners should not only the value of its flow, value is the key. Just like Taobao customer type, and the choice of keywords should not go to the traffic, conversion rate and the two should be analyzed. Otherwise, some of the flow of words conversion rate is not very high. Today the author talks about the selection method has the value of keywords:

users through the search engine search, will put your heart to the most accurate. Generally speaking, what is the value, we should all know it, can improve the site brand awareness, product volume and so on word is valuable. According to the different types of the separation of different value. For example, fiction, so has the value of keywords is certain how much money, novel novel VIP membership fees, the price of natural value with side as can be imagined. After all, the user search this word, most of all want to let myself into it. Although some may see, but also the potential users, so, and prices are closely related, naturally very value, and this value is the webmaster special taste. So, with some competition did not grasp the key words, rather than looking for some price and side effects, so the key conversion rate will naturally not low.

two, try to choose the long tail keywords

do Taobao customers know, the website will not flow, but the volume. Like the open shop, even the flow is high, if one day the scanty volume, so a station traffic but not to bring their own income, it is undoubtedly the failure of the shop. "

three, try to choose a high conversion rate and long tail keywords


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