Website optimization three Shanghai Longfeng elements


keyword in the text mainly involves two concepts of frequency and keyword density. Need to mention is that the improved search engine algorithm now, keyword density is a not too important concept. In general, the length of the little content keywords appear two or three times the length of the big keywords appear five or six times have been enough, do not stack keywords. The first 50 to 100 words of text usually appear in the keywords can get higher weight in nature, when writing the first paragraph to call arguments, it is proposed in the first paragraph of the first sentence words. Then two or three key words in the text argument, end again keywords. Then the text text optimization is done.

page title refers to is included in the title tag within the text, the user is seen directly using a search engine content, can be said to be the most important factor of "optimization. For the preparation of the title tag, the general advice is to follow the head label, need to remember is not to insert javascrpt code in them, it can facilitate the search engine to quickly find the title of the page. At the same time, "the writing of the title must not repeat the title search engine is an important basis for judging" correlation, repeat the label use is a great waste, the user experience will be affected. This is a lot often make mistakes, even some large IT sites often appear this kind of circumstance. The page title tag suggestion manual, don’t intentionally stack keywords in the title, and can be properly integrated into several groups of keywords to optimize the long tail word effect is relatively better, classification page tag can be used "class name – site name / company name" in the form of products within the page you can use "product name the title of the article classification name site name / company name". The writing of the title should describe the main content of the page, so that users can clear the theme of this page, the search engine can immediately know the relevance of a page. Note that, because the search engine search results list page title words that have a certain limit, the excess will replaced by an ellipsis. So, based on the study, the title of the words is best not more than 30 Chinese characters or 65 characters English.


The title of Keywords

Shanghai Longfeng is a simple entry, but not completely out of the technology, any one can only be infinitely close to Shanghai dragon master search engine algorithm, and can never master the search engine algorithm. It is the main natural search engine ranking on the page, namely the left part of the page, and generally pay advertising (PPC) has no direct relationship. Shanghai Longfeng optimization for the website can be divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization of two parts, this is mainly about "the headline is important in the optimization in the station, the preparation, distribution of text keywords and how to do external links.

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