How much behind the chance to leave the shop 1 thousands of employees

at the beginning of this year, shop No. 1 seems to have gone through a WAL-MART wash". The first half of the year, including many founding patriarch Zhu Pengcheng, general manager of No. 1 mall store No. 1, the first employee CTO Han Jun, vice president of marketing process, has left Junyi. In July 14th, the two founders of Yu Gang, Liu Junling removed all the shares, leaving both.


text /IT Times reporter Sun Yan

September 2015, 1 shop employees exclusive WeChat group number 1 has been opened to the number of the number of employees also broke through the 1000, and this is just an incomplete statistics. According to a recent staff leave the shop No. 1 revealed that experienced the beginning of the official resignation tide, senior staff has left. However, people still can not stop, following the departure of the two founders, shop No. 1 unrest, a large number of employees below the middle of the pack is also packed away. Leaving employees involved in a wide range of departments, including the 1 mall, 3C products, technology, human resources, etc..

BAT, Jingdong, as well as part of the vertical electricity supplier is the place most people, of course, there are some people choose their own business. Zhu Pengcheng, 1, former general manager of the store, his micro-blog update to December 28, 2013 ended today, identity is a fresh shopkeeper U founder and CEO, many 1 shop employees also defected to his cause. Han Jun, No. 1 shop, the first employee, who had to build up the number one store IT architecture, and now also started their own business – to provide solutions for the O2O platform.

Yu Gang, Liu Junling helpless in the hands of the big 1 to give up the shop, a strong return to the shop has already been separated from a drug network 1.


left the first shop in just choose to start from scratch.

in late September, "IT times" reporter arrived at Zhangjiang hi tech entrepreneurship cluster Shop No. 1, also did not go to the security door, stepped forward to ask: "is not to interview?" in the recruitment website, from the group purchase to flash purchase, import from food to clothing, almost all categories are in the recruitment of senior operations supervisor.


is one drug network, next to a few 3 storey small building was hung with one drug network brand, is still in the expansion of the decoration. The same question was asked again: "it is not for an interview?", shop No. 1 recruiting to fill the loss, one drug network for the rapid expansion of recruiting. In January this year, a medicine network to complete the largest electricity supplier in the history of the pharmaceutical industry, financing up to 450 million. The development of one drug network also Shirupozhu, August sales break billion, the industry’s first summit throne.

, however, but a difficult mountain god, just to return one drug network shortly after one drug network CEO Chen Hua on the left after training for 5 and a half years "children", he have mixed feelings write a letter of thanks.

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