What is the personalized search mainly in what areas

search may be more common, but specific to the difference between a country with a different city and area, it is more interesting. If you want to make your website ranking can achieve regional differences, so make sure your website can reflect regional.

if your web site does not involve too many differences between countries, you do not need to consider this problem. If affected by the factors (such as language websites) is relatively large, we must consider from the perspective of Shanghai international dragon.

3, due to personal search records and different

4, due to personal relationship network and different

a few years ago, we enter the same keyword in a search, the whole world to see the same results page. Now the situation is not the same, we search for the same word, different people can get different results, whether it is Google or Bing search did vary.

National differences in

1, varied from country to country

2, because the city or region and different

of course, if your site frequently appears in the search results, remember the user opportunity increases greatly, also can get more "like" and "+1", so as to further consolidate your ranking.

The most common

, of course, there are many search engines is specially used for local search, the search engine does not have the general search engines like Google that need to guess the user’s search intention, you can direct the regional search results are given.

you go through what word? What are the search results click? Your search habits are? There is no use of Facebook, twitter and other social networking tools + nobility baby share search results? All these search engines all (especially Google) look at the eyes, then to show the best of your content. For the webmaster, according to different countries and regions to carry out optimization is relatively easy, but it is very difficult to have a unified standard to cater to all kinds of users search habits.

search performance difference is due to different countries and different output. For example, in the United States with the Google search keywords with the "football", in the UK can search the same keyword search results are two completely different.

in your social circle of friends love a website? If a lot of people on a web site evaluation is very high, so in your social circle, this website is your search to the chances will be greatly increased. Social relationship is the influence of personal search.

, of course, many of the search results there are still many common places, everyone can still see some familiar things, because many things are universal. But because of local, personal search habits, social relations and so on the different output of different flight search results, is a great improvement to the contemporary search.

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