To solve the sharing website home page will not be included skills experience

well, tonight I first talked about here, goodnight Zhanyou, the rainbow to help the network 贵族宝贝, the first A5, it is best to retain the source, thank you please reprint

found the reason, problems are the author and webmaster and art joint efforts have been solved, in almost continuously updated content and construction of high quality the chain after a week, the homepage smoothly was collected, and later also get good rankings, but he is really gratifying.

web site is not included are generally out of the chain, content, structure and template, website domain name, I have to explain one by one.

good evening, I am a fish, in yesterday’s article "on the 1KK movie network will not be included within the pages of some guess" I’ll give you analysis and share about the site is not included in the page love Shanghai reasons and solutions, today I share with you some of my other this website is a website, I took over at the beginning of the month, on-line for nearly a month, the home is still not able to get the love of Shanghai included. The author will come together and analyze the station why not love Shanghai, I hope this is helpful to the

station!For several reasons the

I was the first to check the station name "past life", because most of the line on the website is not included because of multi domain problems, such as the domain name before because of cheating by search engine K or punishment. Check the domain name after my big sigh, no problem.

! The domain name

finally the web page template check, found on the front page of the call to the JS and flash class pictures, although this website looks very nice, but it is for spiders, your home is not what content can crawl, resulting in your web page will not be included.

since there is no problem, the reason will not be included in the content? I also check the contents, check out the station content is almost all collected from even the most basic pseudo original work is not done (for example, modify title). As we all know, the search engine algorithm constantly improve the readability, practicality and originality of the current search engines pay more attention to the website content, if the content of a web site are from the collection, no original content, search engine is not what a good impression on you, of course, more do not talk to you the.

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