How to break the bottleneck of love Shanghai ask increase effective outside the chain

currently has more and more love Shanghai know each answer group, Shanghai dragon Er can try to join these groups to help each other, this can effectively avoid the replacement of the IP in question and answer questions in the process, and the account is not easy to be sealed, also can quickly upgrade Shanghai know love account.

4. Shanghai love collecting links. Need to pay attention to when doing the quiz is a collection account only a website, if a collection of many websites, so the viewer inside is not clear after so many stations in the end.

1. the first answer, do not take the link, this love Shanghai basically does not audit, direct release, after about 3 days can be modified on the issue, and then put a link, if successful, will continue, the next 4,5 will be successful, but one day a IP can not put too much, so want to focus on promotion of Shanghai love to know, is to change the ip.


on site optimization, the release of the chain is an essential work, in order to increase the high quality of the chain, Shanghai dragon Er will use a love investment to enhance the number of the chain. Because of the love of Shanghai quiz examination is very tight, so when the release of Shanghai dragon Er Q & A, will meet with the answer of the links can not be audit, love the Shanghai catechism account was delete various bottleneck phenomenon. So for the Shanghai dragon Er speaking, how to break the bottleneck phenomenon, keep Shanghai dragon Er hard work

first, cultivating the

we all know love Shanghai quiz account is higher, the higher the chance of leaving the link in question, so for the novice Shanghai dragon Er, once we register new account not to link with answer. Shanghai dragon Er can apply for love to ask Shanghai mission to upgrade, although the upgrading speed is relatively slow, but the love of Shanghai trust account will continue to increase. Can also set up several accounts, and question and answer, but during the period of IP must be replaced, otherwise it is love Shanghai knows that a problem is detected, the registered account can be deleted. In the love of Shanghai quiz account upgrade when answering questions do not only focus on one aspect of the problem, answer to widely.

then added right Q & a link

3. if your site has appeared in the first love Shanghai home, so in order to better flow of brand promotion, we can leave love Shanghai search link address in question, specify a direction guide, click in the answer, increase website traffic sources. Know the answer as far as possible not to leave the address the same sex in Shanghai.

2. direct left links, generally a month to do 15 or so, too many links to ask a website can easily lead to love Shanghai K station, so we need to hold a degree. This way can be very good to stay outside the chain of high quality.

love Shanghai quiz account

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