How to optimize the structure and the search for the mode of thinking

              considering the website structure and website search mode of thinking, there are some of the recent Shanghai dragon inspiration.   Web Information Architecture hope to determine how people classify and a site information organization and add tags. The information structure designer with a large number of methods to determine the optimal site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization structure, these methods including but not limited to the following: a direct observation of the field test and user search is how to perform usability testing of everyday things.

              from the web search engine to obtain data analysis software,

                  what is the mode of thinking?

              on a website, the information architect’s goal is to find a reasonable navigation and within the chain, which can well adapt to the user mode of thinking. Efficient website architect will make the user or search can be easier and more efficient to achieve their goals. With each click, user information clue will be strengthened, according to and not be distracted, not be confused or upset. In addition, a site information architecture to the correlation of the page is delivered to the user, are transferred to the search engine.

              after a B2B health care website after 3 usability testing, I found an interesting phenomenon, Shanghai Longfeng personnel designed by a professional website optimization company page does not match the first visit and visit the website of the target users, they use "poor" and "advertising" and "junk" to describe these pages. In addition, these words also appear in the test for the content and classification of the label.

                  further research, I noticed that their competitors "did not match the user or search the mode of thinking. However, these pages are still good. So, even if the company’s competitors are not in accordance with the user or search the mode of thinking to design the site. Why have so many websites allow users to curse the Shanghai dragon page? Why Shanghai Longfeng professional page site are not matching the search of the mode of thinking?


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