Let the site statistics analysis tools for your website optimization guide to do the lighthouse

do not know when you have your long tail keywords once the website value up, your web site does not solve and solve a lot of time but also the needs of the user rigid demand problem, then you will become unusually high weight website. It is difficult to drop the right K this reason, because if you on the site right down, these excellent content will not be available to the user, it is a failure of the search engines, then our website and search engine will stand on the same side, you say we are not of course to realize win? Keywords the rigid demand coverage is not easy, we have to look for in our industry who have yet to be resolved and users urgently need to solve a problem, and the website statistical analysis tools in which data may be limited, that we need a more comprehensive data integration.

only on the Internet to make Shanghai dragon now has been far from enough, now is the era of precision marketing, so precision marketing rely on what support? All sectors of the data are very important for various industries, we do website optimization of the data it has a very deep understanding of our do any of the Shanghai dragon project or network marketing project is a certain amount of data needed to support, if the SK marketing plan for everyone said the website data so many friends have said, because this has something to say.

now a lot of people every day in the update site, and users do not know the specific needs of what kind of content, the user specific issues are not resolved, they don’t know. Just know that every day to copy some meaningless users are not interested in the news content, this part not only has no intention to enhance the value of the site, but the overall quality down website content. So no matter for the content of the website construction or the long tail keywords true precision and analysis of user demand, site statistics analysis tools inside data has great reference significance and value, so we must pay attention to the site statistics analysis tools in data, and use statistical analysis tools of data in the web site.

today will tell us about how to become a website optimization website data beacon effect, simply that we through the website statistical analysis tools for tracking the user on your site all reflect the analysis tools we can analyze the data obtained by the website development gaffe website statistics, can give you the website optimization or network marketing under a step in the development of some guidance, we use the general Adsense site statistics analysis tools: CNZZ, 51LA, quantum statistics, love Shanghai Heng Road, 51YES etc. these tools, these tools we can let our own website data but not comprehensive enough, most stations are compared the poor may not a year spend thousands of dollars to use CNZZ statistics as a working-class panorama, we are vulnerable to a real wages. Rent a hand, a hand in utilities, then charge a mobile phone, a bus card, only one point > pitiful

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