Optimization of novice share those things about the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

Description: this I do not write, too long, as long as the reasonable keywords into the inside.


site optimization is the first thing to do title tags, Keywords tag, description tag to fill out from home, began to fill, home page, column page, content page. Of course, to fill in the title tag, Keywords tag, description tag is not the way to fill, according to the key size, that is the degree of difficulty or importance of optimization to determine the order of their position.

1, the optimization of

I have written words and their order is in accordance with the order from large to small, the reason is very simple, I do not long winded.

Qingdao anorectal Hospital, Qingdao hospital, Qingdao best hemorrhoids, anorectal Hospital, Beijing Hospital of Qingdao.

about too many things in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, I’m just a rookie, so now I start from the most basic place.

, for example, for example, a website that I do now:

note, attention must be paid to the use of these tags in the symbol is the key, the use of punctuation wrong search engine is not out of recognition, the equivalent of white fill.

(1): title tags, Keywords tag, description tags in

keyword densityThe


2, the station optimization

second, URL is not too long, as brief as possible. Short URL can help us to guide customers to understand the link to the page is what you want, of course premise in this.

keyword density, as the name suggests, is that the number of keywords you do that appear on the page, or that the percentage is generally two percent to eight. Less than two percent of the optimal effect. More than eight percent may be the love of Shanghai is determined keyword stuffing or malicious optimization, there will be punishment.

URL optimization


The basic direction of

has a lot of new comrades may at first confused what is to start from the station optimization or start station optimization start? This must start from the station, the station because you didn’t get it right for the station is not a big role, sometimes is doing. After the station was all right, and then you can do external links construction, optimization of this thing do not worry, we must persevere to do so would have effect.

URL optimization of the first point to note is the site of URL must be unique, that is not two or two url like, if so "might be punished. But if the same URL website weight will be scattered, this is not good.

Title: Qingdao anorectal Hospital _ Qingdao Beijing anorectal Hospital

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