Rain on the virtual sub who will become Shanghai Longfeng District of electrical contest winner

, the first 1 big winners: the first e-commerce site


e-commerce website as the organizers of this competition is undoubtedly the biggest winner. I wrote an article "virtual son rain: several ways to promote" 2011 most awesome on the introduced by Shanghai dragon game mode is a very awesome way of network promotion. This competition may have more than 20000 investment in bonuses, plus some other inputs, count down for the first e-commerce such large website promotion expenses is not really what, but through this competition, the first e-commerce brand must build out, the second flow is increased third. Site weight increase, coupled with the substantial foundation for the support, this website will develop more and better. So sometimes do Shanghai dragon, do promotion, a good idea to help us save a lot of companies or individuals can achieve cost effects beyond imagination.

if you observe it, know the business competition like a raging fire, every webmaster or participating team is mustering the strength, one step forward, according to the virtual son rain observation keywords "electricity business circle" in the first match is now to start a few easy Lord, although the final stage still more than a month away, but the game has entered the stage of real knife knives, remember a few days before the first website has been attacked, the sites are open, the competition is big, the high degree of concern. I did not participate in the competition, not because the technology can not own, but feel that if to spend time in this game is not too expensive, but perhaps many webmaster don’t think so, a lot of people actually feel that this game is a strong temptation.

then, after took part in the competition, we will know more or less row in the front page of the website or the website of independent blog, companies or individuals will become a cattle X many webmaster eyes website, this is without a doubt. Fundamentally, we will find that most people are only spectators, or join in the fun of the people, and get the most is some wily owners and companies. We do not believe if you think carefully what is the profit in the business circle who in the race? I briefly talk about their own views for some, the business competition, welcome Paizhuan!

business circle contest for the owners the reason why there is a great temptation, the first game rich rewards:

The first

you can search business "to see, in the home before five now has two of the first commercial website column page, showing his harvest. In addition, as the contest sponsor is mounted as a green another fruitful point of business circle in the first game business website, I believe many people will know in this game with green, green outfit did not participate in the game than to play the more famous, and I looked at his blog, I think after the game since the traffic is increased.

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