That new Shanghai Longfeng scheme website Title writing

users to search your web page in a web search in Shanghai love, as the most important title content display in the abstract, a topic specific title can help users more easily from the search results page you judge whether the contents meet his demand.

The orientation user known

love Shanghai search engine for website Title is

for each page to create a unique title tag — every one of your "best one of the one and only title tags, which can help Google and other web pages to distinguish it.

Please note: to avoid

all the web pages on your site or most pages use the same title tag

allows the user to generate a sense of trust

selection and web content title


Google search engine.

Title have a clear theme, this web page contains the most important content in

page title do not add too much extra description can be distracting,

did Shanghai Longfeng people know a good website Title written, can be ranked as keywords and website of our website will get the corresponding points of the search engine, then we should be how to locate the site of Title writing? We’ll see a love Shanghai search engine which is how the requirements of 1 how to locate the webmaster website Title writing.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers in Shanghai Longfeng when writing the program, will face Shanghai dragon scheme writing problem, that is the site of the Title Title website for writing, but not too much with the accumulation of keywords, advertising words, and not a telephone or some text to search engine friendly or modified vocabulary. So our website Title writing how to write? The following by Nanning Shanghai dragon to share with everyone, the basic idea of new website Shanghai Longfeng program Title style positioning.

should be attractive to users

Title, a website written explanation of

Independent Use the default

if your site users are more familiar, recommended the site name column to the right position in title, the brand effect will increase the probability of the user clicks on the

accurately describing the content of web pages, web content selection can effectively convey the theme of the title. Please note: avoid

The use of

language to describe the

we look at how the nobility baby ask webmasters writing website Title

like "Untitled" or "New Page 1" or unclear Title

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